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Anabolix Mammoth Mass Gainer Review

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After spending a couple of months on the BSC Mass Gainer shakes, I decided to switch things up a bit and – on the advice of one of the super friendly dudes at my local protein shop – give the Anabolix Mammoth mass gainer shakes a go.

It’s now been a month and a half, and I think I can now give a balanced review for the Anabolix Mammoth shakes.

So the first thing:
I was told the taste was second to none. We all know that taste in protein shakes can vary hugely; there are those that taste like you’re biting back chalk dust, and those that are sweet to the point of making you feel sick. The Anabolix Mammoth shakes skew more towards the “extremely sweet” end of the scale, but not to the point of sickly sweet. However, on first swig I certainly wouldn’t have put it as the best I’d ever tasted. Perhaps I was just used to the BSC shakes, but this was… too malty, or something.
That said, after over a month on them, I must say that the taste has certainly grown on me.
Taste: A-

It’s a fairly thick shake, but easy enough to chug down fairly quickly. Again, takes a while to get used to, but overall good.
Grade: A

Protein Blend:
As a mass gainer, Anabolix Mammoth is obviously different to drinking a WPI or WPC shake. The blend on Anabolix is a scientifically formulated protein to carbohydrate blend of 50/50. That said, the protein is definitely enough to help repair muscles after a tough workout, although probably not as noticeable as the BSC shakes. But, as a mass gainer, that’s not the point.

Anabolix Mammoth also has a major advantage over the BSC protein shakes in that Anabolix also gives you:

2000mg creatine
5000mg of glutamine*
1000mg Arginine (Nitric Oxide)

This combination exceeds the standards of regular mass gainers and then some. So the selling point on the Anabolix Mammoth is that Mammoth contains the bioactive protein Whey Protein Concentrate with muscle recovery and stimulating amino acids, while also boasting high levels of Glutamine, Arginine and Creatine.

Enough already… how about results:
After just a month and a half using Anabolix Mammoth, I’ve definitely noticed an improved in muscle mass. Strength and endurance seems to be up, although at those levels it’s hard to say whether that’s simply a placebo effect of creatine or whether the creatine is actually ramping it up. There’s probably a slightly above average increase around the old mid-section than there normally is with other mass gainers, but nothing that throwing a bit more cardio into the workout plan won’t solve… and at least it’s clear that you’re being put in a positive nitrous state for maximum muscle growth. Overall, I’ll be sticking with the Anabolix Mammoth Mass Gainer for the rest of this year at least.

For those interested, here’s the nutritional information below.