How to choose the right Protein Powder

There’s a worthwhile post to read over at the Examiner examining what factors to use when deciding upon the right protein powder for you. It’s just a short post, but echoes many of our own thoughts. For example, the article says:

There are two different types of whey protein: whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Always buy the powder that has whey protein isolate as the first ingredient. This is a better quality protein and is worth every penny. When it comes to price, quality is important.

Yep, we agree there, and say so on our Whey Protein Powders page.

Try to drink a protein shake before and after workouts and before bed to preserve hard-earned muscle.

We might quibble over just how essential it is to consume a protein shake before your workout as well as afterwards (personally, most of us only do the “post-workout” shake, which is of course mandatory), but we’re agreed with the author over the value of a protein-shake prior to bed. It definitely brings some great results.

As we say… worth the few seconds it takes to read the post.

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